Shoulder Brace For Horse Riders

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The upright riding posture needs some help at times. This simple to apply brace will put you in the correct riding posture and teach your muscles to keep it. This brace is the most popular brace used by the horse riders world wide.

This brace promotes healthy upper back posture. When worn it will pull the shoulders back and into a square shoulder posture. The elastic chest band will support the shoulders and the arm loops keep the shoulder position in a correct posture. If the shoulders are supported in a more correct posture then the upper back muscles will also work to hold the spine in a better upright position.The posture shoulder brace will put a horse rider in the correct upright riding posture. So many riders ride with a slumped forward head posture and round shoulders. So many instructors repeat themselves saying “sit up straight” this posture shoulder brace will put a rider in a good upright straight position, by supporting the shoulders and the upper back.

This brace puts the shoulders in a good square position. The cross over straps between the shoulder blades pulls the shoulder blades down, back and towards each other. This will put the shoulders in the ideal riding position.

The posture brace trains the brain to train the muscles into correct posture. By placing the shoulders in the correct position the brain has to adapt to a new position. At first this feels unnatural. The nerve pathways then start to activate the muscles the brace is supporting. The muscle begin to work with the brace and hence will increase there strength while working with the brace. The brace will stop them fatiguing and keep supporting them to improve posture.Shoulder Brace For Horse riders jpg

Easy to put on and wear over or under clothes. All you have to do is place one arm through the loop and then the other and wrap the chest strap around to the front and Velcro it up. It can be worn tight or loose depending on the support you want.

Ideal to stretch the front chest muscles. Riders spent many hours with their arms forward either pulling pushing or just holding. The reason we have round shoulder comes from weak back and shoulder blade muscles but also tight front chest muscles. This posture shoulder brace will stretch the front chest muscles while it is strengthening and supporting the back muscles. The balance between the front and back becomes equal so much quicker when this brace is worn. By stretching the tight chest muscles they become more functional and free the shoulders and chest up.

Helps with headache pain control. The forward shoulder posture is a key factor in headaches originating from the neck. If the shoulder posture is corrected as discussed above then the follow through neck posture is also adjusted. The poking chin posture is solely due to round shoulders. If the shoulders are pulled back and placed in a better alignment the chin will come down and the back of the neck will lengthen. This will open up the upper neck joints and free the nerves that cause headaches.

This brace is a very good compliment to the Applied Posture Riding program.


Measure under the arm pits and under the breasts (same line as a bra would fit).

  • S 54cm—64cm
  • M 64cm 77cm
  • L 77cm-89cm
  • XL 89cm– 104cm
  • XXL 104cm– 117cm
  • XXXL 117cm-130cm

If you wish to order one of these braces.

You can buy it using paypal from the main website

Annette Willson

Good luck with your riding and enjoy.

Remember to look at to yourself before your blame the horse.

Annette Willson author "Applied Posture Riding" Annette Willson author “Applied Posture Riding”

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